We know that you invest in your child to give the child a future you believe is best for them - not only for a successful career but for a contented life as well. We share your passion on that! 
Welcome to Truth and Life Science Academy.
We help each of our students learn to integrate their mind with their spirit, so that they can always discern what is profitable for life, and stay with it. 

Currently, we are operating one school in Lagos, Nigeria, but hope to expand into other cities in Nigerian and across the world with our unique, God-centered scientific education, which trains both the mind and the spirit, for a wholesome life.

Immerse Yourself in Grace
Inspire Yourself and Others
Get to Know yourself in God
Become A Part Of Our Growing Family!

Welcome to Truth and Life Science Academy - your not so ordinary school! 


We are part of a teaching ministry, dedicated to helping as many people as we can reach, understand and live their respective lives, as the most advanced science that God had created and assigned to them, so that they can live life abundantly, as promised by God in the Bible. 

Our educational approach trains the mind to remain in touch with a person's spirit, while pursuing formal proficiency in the necessary skills of life that are desired for success in today's competitive corporate cultures in all societies of the world. 

The prevailing education systems in the world focus exclusively on training the mind of the human person to dominate the life of the human person, neglecting the spirit of the person, which was placed in control of the mind by the human Creator, leading to distasteful mental exhaustion and emotional scars that diminish a person's quality of life, and mask their spiritual existence.

Truth and Life Science Academy's education system allows individuals to remain in contact with their respective spirits, and give their spirits the lead over their respective minds, so that they will continue to receive from God as they acquire natural knowledge to develop their minds. 

Come see for yourself. What we are doing is not magic, but real science - the science of life. In enrolling your child with us, you yourself may start learning all over again. That is the joy of living free and unhindered. God is good!

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The Science That Is The Human Life Illustrated!